2 Real Estate Facts Greet First-Time Homebuyers

man in black crew neck shirt wearing black framed eyeglasses

You can’t fault a first-time homebuyer for questioning the need to hire a Realtor® to help buy their first house. After all, they don’t need to recruit an automobile-buying specialist when they go shopping for a new car—or a nutritionist for a trip to the grocery store.

Even first-time homebuyers are, after all, veteran consumers. They’ve amassed the wherewithal to qualify for this very substantial purchase. He or she may be a newbie when it comes to the rules laid down in state real estate regulations, but that doesn’t mean they are neophytes when it comes to buying and selling in a host of other situations.

It is because the sums involved are so great that many first-timers automatically follow their natural instinct for caution, preferring to school themselves carefully on each detail as it arises. Then again, after even a minimal amount of serious house hunting, they are certain to run into a pair of real estate verities that effectively demolish the go-it-alone impulse:

  1. Homebuyers pay nothing for their Realtor’s help and guidance
  2. Roughly nine out of ten successful homebuyers ultimately decide to hire an experienced Realtor.

If the reality of having to deal with the myriad details of an actual purchase hasn’t triggered second thoughts, those two facts usually do the trick. The good news is that first-time homebuyers can continue their step-by-step education with the aid of a seasoned guide to help them navigate the process, fully explaining all the factors—both the obvious and the abstruse—for free!