10 of the BEST Items to Buy at the Dollar Store

My top ten favorite dollar store purchases!

These are the top ten items I always grab at the dollar store! We all love a good dollar store deal, but there are definitely some items that aren’t worth the money, or can be found in greater quantities for less. 

There are a few that I ALWAYS grab when I stop in. I’ve compared the prices of these items to places like Target and Walmart, and they are all much better at the dollar store. 

OK…a lot of the items are actually $1.25 now. But there are plenty of items that are still a dollar or less! 🙂

I’d love to hear what your favorite go-to items are too! Feel free to share them in the comments at the end. 

Let’s start with my favorite dollar store find…

Gift bags

I don’t find their small rolls of gift wrap to be worth it, because you get so little. But their other wrapping supplies like bows and gift bags are priced competitively. 

I haven’t found a selection of gift bags for this price anywhere else: 

cute cheap gift bag options

They carry options in every color, size and for all the big events — baby shower to wedding to birthday. The dollar store is an affordable option for large gift bags as well. You’ll save a good three to five bucks on the bigger sizes. 

Also, their 24 count tissue paper is half the price of larger stores!

I’m always impressed with the colorful and fun designs — so cute! And the quality matches bags I’ve bought anywhere else. 

Greeting cards

I’ve always noticed the HUGE selection of greeting cards, but it hasn’t been until the past year or so that I started picking them up and looking closer:

cheapest greeting cards dollar store

They are adorable! From funny to really sweet — I’ve found everything I need.

As a family we love to gift each other cards from both the animals and us, so it can get expensive. They have a great variety for every holiday and event. 

Now I just need to get my husband to shop for his cards at the dollar store. 😉 

All cards are a dollar at most, and some are two for a buck. You save at least $3 on each card — it’s hard to beat that price!

Candles/glass decor

The home decor glass aisle at the dollar store is the best! Their simple glass holders are timeless and they have a great selection of vases that are perfect for a DIY project. 

dollar store DIY candles

If you like the glow of candlelight, but prefer them unscented, their basic candles are great. 

Screen protectors

These phone screen protectors are one fo my all time favorite dollar store purchases!

You can find them in all different sizes and phone types, and they work just as well as the $10 (and UP!) options at other stores:

We’ve used these for a few years now and they last just as long as the more expensive versions.

It even comes with the little prep pads and applicators other kits include:

I’ve dropped my phone hundreds of times 😀 with this $1.25 version tempered glass and it holds up great! Our whole family uses these exclusively now.

Storage bins and baskets

I’ve used their inexpensive organizational items many times over the years. They carry a bunch of different sizes and colors, but I find their smaller bins are more sturdy: 

dollar store storage bins travel

The small to medium storage options they carry are perfect for smaller toiletries and pantry items! 

Their cutlery trays also seem to be sturdy — great for all kinds of small kitchen utensils. 

I love their selection of kitchen gadgets and storage in general! 

Foam painting brushes 

I use these foam brushes for DIY projects ALL the time. They are a steal at the Dollar Tree! I get eight (in a variety of sizes) for $1.25: 

foam brushes for stain and poly

I use these so often for staining and protective polyurethane coats. I also use them for smaller crafty projects — especially those skinnier options! 

They are so handy to have around. I try to keep a stash on hand at all times. 

A similar set (with nine in the pack) sells for nearly $5 at our local hardware store, and if you buy them individually they are even more. The dollar store also carries a selection of standard paint brushes that are great to have around for quick paint touch ups around the house. 

I stick with higher quality brushes for painting trim, furniture and cutting in.

Cleaning supplies 

I feel like this one goes without saying! I’ve had good luck with their basic cleaning solutions over the years:

best cleaning supplies from dollar store

For general purpose and bathroom needs I find these options work well. I haven’t tried their window and glass cleaner though — anyone have thoughts on that? 

I also like their sponge selection. These are great for general indoor cleaning and I often use them when cleaning outdoor items as well: 

cleaning sponges dollar store

Entertaining/party supplies 

The dollar store is a MUST for stocking up for big gatherings! Their prices on party supplies are also hard to beat.

This is my favorite spot for disposable plates, cups and napkins for entertaining. I’ve compared their pricing with the big box stores and they always win out. (At least with quantities 24 or less.)

Especially with the HUGE variety in colors (especially when it comes to plates and napkins). There were four cutlery colors in stock just in the graduation aisle:

party supplies for cheap

Dollar Tree also has a great selection of themed kid’s party supplies that easily beat prices at most party retailers: 

great party supplies dollar store

They carry adorable signage, table decor, streamers and buntings in all kinds of colors and themes. 

AND the dollar store is the best spot for affordable helium balloons! 

There are so many designs to choose from and at only $1.25 each, you’ll save a TON on a balloon bouquet. 

Office and craft supplies

I find a lot of office and school supplies for a better price at the dollar store.

Be careful with this one though — take a look at quantities to see if the price on these items are worth it. I always buy poster and foam boards for craft projects there: 

dollar store craft supplies

I use both to make my own mats for picture frames and artwork. I find their most basic office items are the best deals — staples, paper clips, etc. 

There you go! Those are some of my favorite dollar finds, but I have a few honorable mentions as well. 😉 

Dollar store honorable mentions

  • Reading glasses. The time has come my friends. I’m learning I will need a pair of reading glasses in every room, in my purse, the car, etc. 😂 I’m thankful these are so inexpensive there!
  • Pregnancy tests. In my experience (and from what I hear from others) these tests work just as well as the more expensive options. 
  • Seasonal decor. This is another given! The dollar store is one of my favorite spots to browse for seasonal items. It gets my creative juices flowing!

Are there any products you would add to my list? And is there anything you think is way overpriced at the dollar store? 

I think their candy and snacks are where they make a lot of money — in general buying larger sizes at the grocery store is a better deal. And other than convenient travel-sized items, many of their toiletries like shampoo and conditioner seem to be overpriced for the amount you get.

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