10 Most Affordable Tampa Suburbs to Live In

Whether you want to call it by its nickname, “the Big Guava,” or just by its name, Tampa, FL, is one of many picturesque destinations to reside on the Gulf Coast. With its waterfront views of Tampa Bay, stellar seafood scene, and endless ways to spend your time, it shouldn’t be a shock that about 410,000 people live in Tampa. If you’re considering buying a home in Tampa, expect the median home sale price to land around $375,000. Or if you’re considering renting an apartment in Tampa, expect the average monthly rent price for a two-bedroom apartment to be around $1,860. 

Don’t worry if those prices don’t fit in your budget – we’ve got options to help you find a home that does. We’ve gathered a list of the 10 best affordable Tampa suburbs to check out, all under a 40-minute drive away from the city. That way you can live nearby without paying the price of living in Tampa.

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#1: Holiday

Median home price: $232,000
Driving distance from Tampa: 40 minutes
Holiday, FL homes for sale
Holiday, FL apartments for rent

Holiday, with a median home sale price of $232,000, takes the number one spot on our list of affordable Tampa suburbs. Just about a 40-minute drive away from Tampa, you won’t miss out on what the city has to offer. Living in Holiday, you can spend time exploring Tarpon Springs Aquarium and Animal Sanctuary, picnicking at Aloha Gardens Park, or playing some arcade games or laser tag at PK’s PlayZone and Grille.

#2: Mango

Median home price: $271,000
Driving distance from Tampa: 15 minutes
Mango, FL homes for sale
Mango, FL apartments for rent

Mango takes the second spot on our list of Tampa suburbs. Only 15 minutes away from the city center you’ll be getting on a rollercoaster at Busch Gardens in no time. Home to Seffner-Mango Park and Mango Dog Park, there are plenty of ways to spend an afternoon outside.

#3: New Port Richey

Median home price: $285,000
Driving distance from Tampa: 40 minutes
New Port Richey, FL homes for sale
New Port Richey, FL apartments for rent

Drive just 40 minutes away from Tampa and you’ll reach New Port Richey, another great area to live in. From parks and outdoor recreation to supporting local businesses, there are lots of things that make New Port Richey a great place to live. If you find yourself moving to the third most affordable suburb, make sure to check out Richey Suncoast Theatre for a comedy show or local performance. You can also spend the day at one of the many parks like Frances Avenue Park, Sims Park, and James E. Grey Preserve. 

#4: Pinellas Park

Median home price: $296,000
Driving distance from Tampa: 20 minutes
Pinellas Park, FL homes for sale
Pinellas Park, FL apartments for rent

Only slightly more expensive than New Port Richey is the suburb of Pinellas Park. With a population close to 55,000 people, there’s plenty to do in this Tampa suburb. Plan to spend the day at Freedom Lake Park and Tampa Bay Automobile Museum for a great time. And weekend trips into downtown Tampa won’t take you too long, only about 20 minutes if you’re lucky to catch a traffic-free drive. 

view of a beach from affordable tampa suburbs at sunset

#5: Mulberry

Median home price: $316,250
Driving distance from Tampa: 35 minutes
Mulberry, FL homes for sale
Mulberry, FL apartments for rent

35 minutes away from downtown Tampa is Mulberry, another great suburb to consider moving to. With 4,500 people living in this affordable town, Mulberry is a great option to add to your list if you’re looking to leave the hustle and bustle of a big city. Living in Mulberry, you’ll find Mulberry Cultural Center, the Phosphate Museum, and Spence Park.

#6: Largo

Median home price: $332,000
Driving distance from Tampa: 25 minutes
Largo, FL homes for sale
Largo, FL apartments for rent

Another noteworthy Tampa suburb is Largo, where the median home sale price is about $40K less than in Tampa. Largo has about 85,000 residents and is a great suburb to consider buying or renting a home in. Whether you spend the day at Largo Central Park, see the flowers at Florida Botanical Gardens or grab a coffee at a local café, there are many activities to do and see in this suburb. 

#7: Zephyrhills

Median home price: $343,890
Driving distance from Tampa: 30 minutes
Zephyrhills, FL homes for sale
Zephyrhills, FL apartments for rent

Seventh on our list of affordable Tampa suburbs is Zephyrhills, which is about 30 minutes away from the heart of the city. With a population of close to 18,000, you’ll be living in a smaller area, but there’s no shortage of things to experience in Zephyrhills. Don’t miss out on visiting Waterplay at Zephyr Park and exploring the Zephyrhills Museum of Military History once moving to the area.

waterfront view in the tampa area with boats

#8: Seminole

Median home price: $353,000
Driving distance from Tampa: 30 minutes
Seminole, FL homes for sale
Seminole, FL apartments for rent

If you’ve lived in Tampa for a while, chances are you know of Seminole. This affordable city is home to roughly 19,000 residents, so you’ll have a fraction of Tampa’s population while remaining only 30 minutes from the city. Once moving to Seminole add Seminole City Park, Lake Seminole Park, and Treasure Island Fun Center to your list of must-sees. 

#9: Ruskin

Median home price: $353,345
Driving distance from Tampa: 25 minutes
Ruskin, FL homes for sale
Ruskin, FL apartments for rent

Ruskin is a great place to consider living in that will get you access to downtown Tampa in just about 25 minutes. Close to 25,500 people live in this suburb, but there are plenty of activities to do in Ruskin. Popular things include exploring E.G. Simmons Regional Park, soaking up the sun at Bahia Beach, and seeing a movie at the Ruskin Family Drive-In Theatre.

#10: Brandon

Median home price: $355,000
Driving distance from Tampa: 15 minutes
Brandon, FL homes for sale
Brandon, FL apartments for rent

Rounding out our list of affordable Tampa suburbs is Brandon. If you’re lucky to avoid traffic, it’ll only take about 15 minutes to drive into Tampa. This suburb has a population of 116,000 and is home to Galactic Playgrounds Children Science Center, Paul Sanders Park, and All Person’s Rotary Park. There’s plenty to do on an afternoon or weekend while living in this awesome suburb.


Affordability is based on whether a suburb is less than the median sale price of Tampa and under a 40-minute drive from downtown Tampa. Median home sale price data from the Redfin Data Center during April 2022. Average rental data from Rent.com June 2022. Population data sourced from United States Census Bureau.

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