Mississippi Chicken Slow Cooker Recipe Dump Dinner

Perfectly seasoned slow cooker Mississippi Chicken with pepperoncini is no ordinary chicken dinner! Five simple ingredients, one pot, dump-and-go chicken with zesty, tangy flavor! Crow-pleasing pepperoncini chicken dinner is one-and-done and ready to hit the table!

Hearty, nutritious slow cooker dinners always make my busy days better! Here are some of my favorites! Tender Pulled Pork, tasty Taco Soup, and zesty Mississippi Pot Roast hit the bullseye anytime. Additionally, you can add an easy make-ahead Ambrosia Salad or cake mix Lemon Brownies; so yummy!

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Mississippi shredded chicken on a plate of mashed potatoes

Life-Changing Mississippi Chicken Dump Dinner!

Ok, maybe a one-pot meal changing your life is a bit dramatic. Still, slow-cooker Mississippi chicken can and will change the outlook on your day! A full schedule of work, tasks, or errands always feels lighter when dinner is ready to go when you walk in the door! Like the ripple effect in a pond, this one-pot pepperoncini chicken recipe is delicious, economical, and stress-free!

  • Five simple ingredients for one amazing slow cooker dinner.
  • Dump dinners easily shave an hour off your full day.
  • Savory, full-flavored pepperoncini chicken is uniquely seasoned and delicious. 
  • Mississippi chicken slowly tenderized by pepperoncini juice is fork tender.
  • Utter convenience is synonymous with a one-and-done dump slow cooker chicken recipe.
  • Zesty shredded pepperoncini chicken leftovers can be used in so many ways!


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