Picky Eaters LOVE These 4 Meal Prep Hacks

girl covers mouth to block broccoli - picky eaters

Chances are you are the picky eater or have kids that are picky eaters. You are probably that person who will willingly eat specific type of foods, but frown when presented with other options. It can be especially challenging to stick to a healthy diet if you are a picky eater. You may have an urge only to eat a burger during dinner, but still, want to maintain a balanced diet. This creates a conflict between your desires as a picky eater and your willingness to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Let the Picky Eaters Pick Their Healthy Food

The first thing to do is let your picky eater have more choices. Of course, if it’s your child, you don’t want them just eating pizza and cookies, likely what they would choose. But tell them to pick their own fruits, vegetables, grains, and proteins, of the choices you give them. That way, they do feel like they have a little more control over what goes in their meals. It also gives you some peace of mind because you know they are getting all the most important nutrients.

Flavor Up the Less Desirable Food

Another way to meal prep and plan for the more picky eaters is to find new ways to make or flavor the foods they (or you) don’t really enjoy that much. For example, steamed broccoli is a bit mushy and something many people don’t like. But if you roast broccoli with garlic and pepper, it tastes like a completely different food. Try different flavor combinations to get the vitamins you need from certain foods that aren’t someone’s favorite.

Experiment with New Recipes

Additionally, try new recipes from the web to find new and exciting ways to cook foods you do not easily go for. For instance, if you do not like eating vegetables, try cooking them in different ways with different recipes until you find what you like. You will be shocked at finding you like vegetables when they are prepared using a particular recipe.

Try Custom Meals

Lastly, it can be overwhelming to cook four different meals because each person has their preference. To make it less stressful, go for meal ideas that allow people to add their toppings. For instance, with tacos, your family can easily add their toppings according to what they like. The same applies to pizza, salads, and salad dressing.

Simplicity also counts when you are preparing a meal as a picky eater. Go for simple meals with fewer ingredients to give you an easier time in the kitchen.