Keurig Programmable Coffee Maker

When you want a cup of hot, delicious coffee, you shouldn’t have to wait for minutes to get that. If you have a regular drip coffee maker, then you have to wait for an entire pot to brew or try to slide in a cup in under the drip and get splashes of coffee all over the burner.

The Good News

There’s a quick, mess-free way to get a single cup of coffee every time that you want one. That’s with the Keurig Single Serve Programmable K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker.  This coffee maker is loaded with features that every coffee lover is sure to enjoy. One of the top features that people love is that it has a large reservoir. You don’t have to put water in every time you want a cup of coffee.

Instead, this Keurig will hold up to 48 ounces of water – so this way, you get to make several cups of coffee without having to add any water first. This reservoir is removable, so you can fill it up without the kind of spills that go along with built in reservoirs. While this coffee maker is used with the average or large coffee mugs, you can use it for cups that are over-sized or the big travel mugs. All you have to do to fit those in is just take out the removable drip tray first.

Another great feature with this awesome Keurig machine is the automatic shut off. When you have this feature, there’s no more wondering if you left the coffee maker on while you’re away from home. It will turn itself off – saving you both the worry and the hassle once you set the button. Coffee lovers also enjoy that with this machine, you’re not stuck with one brew size.

Customizable Keurig Options

You get to choose the ounces you want in your serving. The choices you have are the 6, 8 or the 10 ounce size. This can be used for coffee or beverages like hot cocoa or tea. All you have to do is press the button and the machine will get to work. These button controls are easy to use and they also have indicator lights. This will allow you to be able to follow the process to make the beverages.

The indicators on the machine are for the add water selection, to descale the machine, for the heating process and for the auto off. There is also a separate power button.

When you’re ready to make a cup of coffee, keep in mind that the smaller sizes will give you the strongest coffee. So if you like it strong, then select the 6 ounce option for your cup of coffee. Using the machine is easy. All you have to do is put in the pod, choose what size you want and start.

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