6 Popular Ways to Cook Fish

two silver fishes on round white ceramic plate

It is common knowledge that fish are a much healthier choice when compared with red meat. There are full of omega-3, potassium and vitamin B12 as well as being low in calories, fat and carbohydrates. But what are the different ways to cook fish and will these methods negate the health benefits of eating fish?


One of the easiest ways to cook fish is to bake it. This is often the first method of cooking fish that people try because the likelihood of messing the fish up is limited. Remember to bake the fish for no more than ten minutes for each inch of thickness. Using this rule of thumb will help ensure your fish turn out perfectly every time.

When choosing to bake fish, you can place the fish directly into a baking dish, season it and cover with aluminum foil to keep the fish moist. You can also wrap the seasoned fish in an aluminum foil packet to bake. This will result in a fish that is more steamed than baked but you won’t have to worry about it becoming dry. Baking fish is one of the healthier methods of cooking it.


This method of cooking is perfect for keeping the fish moist. It also works well for keeping the delicate flavor of the fish in the forefront of the dish. Add chicken or vegetable stock to barely cover the fish. Bring the fish to a simmer and watch it to determine when the fish has reached an internal temperature of 165 to 180 degrees.


Broiling fish is an easy method that provides delicious results. Be sure to keep the fish four to five inches from the broiler to ensure it doesn’t burn.


Steaming fish produces a mild flavor. You can either use a bamboo steamer or folding basket to hold the seasoned fish while it is being steamed.


While it is possible to grill fish, you may want to use a grill basket in which to do so. The grill basket will help the fish remain together during grilling rather than placing it directly on the grill and taking a chance that it will fall apart when turned. The benefit of grilling is that smoky flavor is perfect for fish.

Pan frying

Pan frying is another method of preparing fish. Butter or oil is added to a frying pan and the seasoned fish is placed in the pan. Remember to keep the drippings from the pan in order to make sauce that can be added to the fish at presentation. This method of cooking is not quite as healthy as baking it, but is a much better choice than deep frying the fish.

These are some of the different ways to cook fish. You can also try other methods, but these are the most common, and most healthy ways to do so.